21st of september 1993 a strange funny creature named Rubén Sánchez was send to planet Earth. Being send in a human form to present his inner enchanting world through selfmade musical performances. Inspired by the different dimensions of human life on earth, he created his own particular planet in the entertainment industries. 

Rubén Sánchez is a young singer-songwriter-composer who is known for bringing his pop music, that breaks with genres. The translation of his work continually varies through many different platforms or mediums of art. The half Spanish, half Dutch originally started with producing music & studying theatre management but realised shortly the theatrical experience he had in mind wouldn't be realized without him actually climbing on the stage and performing it. He ended up graduating as a professional Dancer at the Jazz study department at the Academy of Dance and Theatre in Amsterdam. He got in touch with a broad scala of performing arts and these came together with his drive to create beats, songs and dance and his former skills in producing and theatre management. Above all it resulted in the discovery of an unexpected talent: singing. This of course naturally, led inevitably to multidisciplinary performances and projects.

Now, recently graduated, Rubén is working on his first Album: The Kaninchen Revolution. Through his pop related music he states for a world keeping our differences and originality and most of all opening doors to our hearts and passion in life. With the hope to re-unite us where words won't be able to reach.