Rubén Sánchez (born in Leuven, Belgium) is a singer-songwriter and performance artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated from the Academy for Theater & Dance as a professional dancer. During his studies, he developed his former skills in music, making and dancing choreography, produced visuals and wrote texts combined with his talent for singing. The outcome were characteristic performances that present his music as total experiences.

Rubén's fascination and theme mainly concerns the authenticity of the human soul. By sharing personal struggles such as the embrace and rejection of yourself, love, craziness he searches for connection with his audience with critical texts towards group cultures and society.

With the dream of making a deeper connection with people, he developed "The Kaninchen Revolution". Also known for awakening the inner child that is in all originality guided by trusting on his/her own feelings, fantasies and dreams. This awareness is inspired by the alienating experience of Alice in Wonderland (from the book: Lewis Carroll) and NEO (from The Matrix). They both end up in a different world and reality as a result of following a rabbit. Through his multidisciplinary live performances and music he conveys "The Kaninchen" experience .