Rubén Sánchez, singer songwriter producer, has jumped into several creative explorations that made him dance, sing, make videos, play piano and produce music. His fascination for surreality & fantasy and to make these reality speaks passionately through his work. He breaks imaginary walls in genres and disciplines to take his followers on a trip to an eclectic theatrical world. Between the energetic choreographies, crazy absurd theatre and intimate ballads he moves you in divergent, mysterious and sentimental ways.

Rubén graduated in 2016 as a professional Dancer & Musical Theater Singer at The Amsterdam University of The Arts and worked in musicals such as Fiddler On The Roof & West Side Story. He has been teaching at several institutes including the Academy of Dramatic arts in Amsterdam.

At the moment he is finishing his first self-produced album: Kaninchen.

KANINCHEN is a reference to Alice falling into The Rabbit Hole (book: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland from Lewis Carrol). As Alice falls, she enters Wonderland where lots of absurd things happen. Rubén’s wish and hope to reconnect people with this wonder-ful mentality and approach to life.

Alice in Wonderland - when you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.