Rubén () Sánchez (born in Leuven, Belgium) is a singer songwriter from Amsterdam. He finished his degree in Dance & Performance at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam (2016). After his graduation he performed in musicals such as West Side Story and Fiddler On The Roof in Germany and worked as a freelance dancer and singer for different companies & projects.

Creating and performing music has his main focus. From his younger age till now, he has always been inspired by living in different realities and fantasy stories. Science fiction and adventure movies with characteristic music and stories became his obsession. This led to the main motivation to create more of an experience by combining visuals, dance or theatre during the songs. Explorations into playing piano, urban & modern dance, singing, writing scripts, camera work, and magical effects give him the ability to create his own multidisciplinary stage language. The results are performances that shake and wake you up, every time with different surprises.

He makes pop, electronic, jazz and experimental music and at this moment he is busy finishing his debut album.