Amsterdam Fringe
to Sep 15

Amsterdam Fringe

How do we stay free from the expectations of others? How do you stay close to yourself? In a world where everyone wants to have a clear opinion and position on which side you stand, I personally try to connect my audience with fantasy stories and my other fascinating realities. The kind of reality where feelings and senses take charge, maybe the one that you also had when you were a child, is something I’m obsessed with. Music has been making me sing and dance, create visuals since I was young and the combination has become I feel, my most honest language translation. As I like to do it all and it gives me so much joy I realize more how I’m not allowed to be outspoken. As I get older I also feel it gets more prohibited to simply just have fun and play. I hope to break this imaginary wall with my audience to awaken a sense of a lively daring need of expression. My songs are inspired by many different expressive artists from the last decades of jazz, pop, theatre, and experimental music scenes.

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